Lassina DIALLO

Special Advisor to the MD

Co-founder of CIRA-SA, Lassina Diallo is a Civil Engineering Hydraulician specializing in highways and hydrology. He has 22 years experience in the profession, 20 of those with CIRA-SA.

Following his Civil Engineering Diploma from the National Engineering College (ENI/École Nationale d'Ingénieurs) in Bamako in 1989, he obtained his 2-year degree in Mobilization of Water Resources from the Inter-state Rural Facilities Engineering College in Ouagadougou (EIER /École d'Ingénieur Inter-états) in 1990, and a Specialist Certificate in Hydrology from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) [Lausanne federal polytechnic institute] in Switzerland (1991). In 1996, he received professional training in Germany in the field of Highways Maintenance Management.

Primarily in charge of Business Development, Lassina Diallo holds the post of Special Advisor to the MD.

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