Nimonguibé LALLE

Director of Quality and Sustainable Development

Nimonguibé Lalle is an Agronomics Engineer, graduating from the Higher Agronomics College of the University of Benin in Togo in 1997. He also holds a 2-year degree in Agricultural Hydraulics and a Specialist Certificate in Agricultural Hydraulics, obtained respectively at the Inter-state Rural Facilities Engineering College in Burkina and at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) [Lausanne federal polytechnic institute] in Switzerland (2002).

Nimonguibé Lalle began his career in 1998 as an Agronomics engineer with GYMA-Cultures and with NGOs in Togo. Following his 2-year degree in Agricultural Hydraulics, he worked as a Research Assistant with the IRFEC (EIER) in Burkina Faso, before joining CIRA-SA in 2004 as a Project Leader Engineer in the General & Environmental Studies Department.

In charge of Quality Management from January 2005, Nimonguibé Lalle managed the process to put in place the Quality Management System that led to CIRA-SA's ISO 9001 certification. Besides quality management, he is involved in several CIRA-SA projects as an Environmental Expert. Nimonguibé Lalle has held the post of Director of Quality and Sustainable Development.

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