Civil and Industrial Buildings

Civil and industrial buildings take up a prominent place in CIRA SA sectors of activity. Our interventions cover concrete structures as well as metal structures.

During the early phases of each project, an architectural and/or lanscaping study is carried out systematically. Its purpose is to provide functional buildings and integrate technical and legal constraints related to the space to be fitted out.

Our civil engineers uses powerful designing tools suitable for complex structural calculations. The detailed plans produced during the projects provide all the necessary measurements for the project implementation on the building sites.

Geotechnical aspects and climate conditions are reviewed in detail in all our studies and/or buildings projects.

Construction of a hydrocarbon deposit in Droi

Client : Zoumana TRAORÉEstablishments
Date : 1998 - 1999
Partner : INACOM Mali,Wat Wiest Gmbh
Cost of the service : 185 Millions de FCFA (282 031 €)


The overall objective of the project is the improvement of offer in terms of supply and storage of oil products. The specific objective of the project is the construction of a hydrocarbon deposit in Droi (Bamako suburb) of an estimated capacity of 10,000 m3 over a surface of approximately 6 hectares. The project consists of the installation of oil products arrival and departure infrastructures, products storage tanks and their retention dikes, pumps and drains, a boiler for the vapour production.

Rehabilitation of commercial equipment and urban infrastructures

Date : 1999 - 2004
Partner : BCEOM / BEAU
Cost of the service : 147 Millions de FCFA (224 100 €)


The overall objective of the project is the improvement of populations living environment through the rehabilitation and creation of urban infrastructures; promotion of income generating investments for communities; capacity building in the management of boroughs, which can enable them a more efficient care taking of their development and that of their city. The specific objective of the project is the rehabilitation of the castle market, construction of a bus station, rehabilitation of the bus station market and the repair of the banks of the Niger River.

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