Transport Infrastructures

One of our main area of interest is Transport infrastructures engineering. Over the years, CIRA SA has developed a strong expertise in this field and the related ones such as civil engineering structures.

Our activities in this area are mainly focused on providing studies and monitoring works. Our intervention covers all phases of a project : definition and technico-economical feasibility studies, basic and detailed preliminary design, implementation studies, tender documents elaboration, and works control and supervision.

Our services include projects such as dirt roads, national intercity roads, highways, interchanges, expressways, bridges, etc.

At any stages of project development, our engineers use innovative ways to design optimized and functional structures, which are a perfect fit in their environment.

Control and Monitoring of a Bridge Construction Works over the Niger River in Gao and its Covered Access Roads

Client : National Roads Authorities
Date : 2003 - 2006
Partner : Louis Berger - SCET-Tunisie
Cost of the service : 1,122 billions FCFA (1 712 000 €)


The project consists of the construction of a crossing work on the Niger River in Gao (278 m long), access roads (approximately 14.5 km) and about fifteen multiple channels. The bridge, out of pre-stressed concrete, is founded on 38 piles 1,000 mms diameter each, and comprising six spans of 45 m long each. The roadway, surfaced with concrete coating, has 7 m width. Access roads have 7 m-width bidirectional roadway and two 1.50 m-width verges. The coating is in double-layered surface dressing. The urban section is equipped with a sanitation network and public lighting.

Inspection and supervision of construction work for a multiple intersection and slip roads

Date : 2009 - 2010
Partner : -
Cost of the service : 528 millions FCFA (804 931 €)


The overall aim of the project is to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city Bamako, to ensure the safety of road users and citizens in general, and lastly, to put in place modern structures making it possible to improve the quality of life in the city.

The project involves constructing a multiple intersection and slip roads, with a total roadway length of around 4.7 km, and four structures (slab and rigid-frame bridges with lengths from 19.9 m to 61 m).

Inspection and supervision of construction work for the Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway (Section 3 Toumodi-Yamoussoukro)

Date : 2009 - 2013
Partner : CID Maroc
Cost of the service : FCFA 1,079m (€ 1,644,925)


The construction of the Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway is part of the policy of expanding the national road network. The project involves extending the highway from Singrobo to Yamoussoukro. The highway is 31.726 km long, divided into two work packages.

It comprises two 7 m roadways, with a 2.3 m hard shoulder and 0.5 m hard strip for each carriageway. The carriageways are separated by a 12 m central reservation.

The Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway is a category L1 route under the meaning of the ICTAAL 2000.

Refitting and asphalting of the Djougou-N’Dali road

Client : Head office of Public works
Date : 2005 - 2009
Partner : -
Cost of the service : 897 Millions FCFA (1 367 468 €)


The project purpose is the construction and asphalting of the road connecting the towns of Djougou and Dali over a distance of 125 km long. The project also plans the construction of a 40 m bridge over the Yeraumaro River and the widening of six existing bridges over the Donga, Oueme, Sani, Faba, Alpouro and Dadou rivers.

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