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Water Supply and Sanitation

For over two (2) decades, CIRA SA provides studies and construction works supervision services in water supply and sanitation projects in rural and urban areas.

Those projects consist of the realization of:

CIRA SA has expertise in sanitation projects such as liquid and solid wastes treatment, storm water drainage.

Project management mission related to the studies and the monitoring of works for the implementation of the Program of Priority Investments (PIP) 2008-2011

Client : Société Nationale des Eaux du Sénégal (SONES) - SENEGAL
Date : 2009 - 2012
Cost of the service : 918 millions FCFA (1 399 482 €)


In order to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the priority sector of drinking water supply and sanitation, the government of Sénegal has set up the National Drinking Water and Sewerage Program for the Millennium (PEPAM) for 2015. The program has two main objectives. The first is to obtain a rate of access to safe drinking water of 88% in Dakar and 79% in the centers of the interior of the country, as well as an overall coverage of 100%. The second objective is to obtain water with a quality in total accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

An analysis of investments has been realized within every urban center in order to proceed to a prioritization of operations and establish a priority investment Program. It is within the framework of the implementation of this program that CIRA SA intervenes for the studies and works control phases. The services consist in justifying and determining the dimensioning of works, clarifying the works program as defined in the identification and feasibility study, estimating the cost of works, determining the delay and the conditions of realization, elaborating a tender dossier, participating to the opening and analysis of offers and ensuring the control and supervision of works.

Updating of development studies of watersheds of Gué-Gué, Lowé-IAI and Terre Nouvelle, in Libreville Customer : Ministry of equipment, infrastructure, and territory planning / Coordination Unit of the Study

Client : Ministère de l'Équipement, des Infrastructure et de l'Aménagement du Territoire / Unité de Coordination de l'Étude
Date : 2011 - 2012
Partner : -
Cost of the service : 504,8 Millions F CFA (769 562 Euros)


The general purpose of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the living environment of populations living in the three (3) watersheds through the creation of necessary conditions for the sanitation of rain water. Specifically, this project aims at :

  • Realizing a feasibility study including the social and economic studies, environmental and social impact studies, institutional , land, and capacity building study of stakeholders ;
  • Realizing the preliminary studies for each watershed ;
  • Realizing the engineering design for each watershed ;
  • Elaborating a tender dossier for the implementation of works for each watershed.

Drinkable Water Supply on PRS II Chad sites

Client : Ministry of Finances and IT
Date : 2005 - 2008
Partner : -
Cost of the service : 387,6 Millions FCFA (590 893 €)


PRS II is the second phase of a program financed by the European Union in CILSS countries. The objective of PRS II is the perennial improvement of service road and drinkable water quality for populations. Project’s physical actions focus on:

  • the rehabilitation of 47 boreholes existing on PRSI;
  • the implementation of 43 new Solar Drinkable Water Supply systems (SDWS);
  • the achievement of an environmental and social study.

Construction of two compact stations for drinking water production in Bamako

Client : Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water
Date : 2007 - 2008
Partner : SCET-Tunisie
Cost of the service : 279 Millions FCFA (425 333 €)


The project consists of the construction of two drinking waterproduction compact stations, supply and development of PVC drains with the achievement of thirty three terminals of public drinking fountains. It falls within the framework of emergency measures as defined by EDM SA to end with the transitional period before the achievement of the pumping station, and the Kabala drinking water treatment.
The project includes:

  • 2 untreated water pumping systems
  • 2 batch of 3 compact units having each a rated capacity of 100 m3/h; 2 treated water storage reservoirs
  • 2 recovery pumps driving back treated water into the distribution network
  • 33 terminals fountains
  • 15.250 ml installations of PVC water mains

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